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See How Subliminal Messages Can Give You a Powerful Mind and a Great Personality!

Use them to improve your mind, personality and skills while using your personal computer!

The same techniques widely used by marketers to persuade you can now be put to work for you. You can use subliminal messages to help you acquire new healthy habits and attitudes and increase your overall productivity. All this is done while you are working, studying or having fun using the personal computer.

You can use the software SilentIdeas to create subliminal messages to be displayed on your computer screen while you are using it in your daily tasks. Messages of your free choice will flash on the computer screen and influence your mind accordingly your interests. You will be able to create messages in the form of texts, sounds, images and even as a combination of these contents. They will appear at regular intervals quickly the same way they appear in tv or movies advertisements that use this type of message to arouse your interest.

90% of your mental power is locked away in your subconscious mind! SilentIdeas holds the key! Easier than hypnosis and better than affirmations. You can personalize it for your own purposes.

Subliminal messages: what they are and how they change our minds

A subliminal message is a message that is sent to us in a hidden, dissimulated mode, below the limits of our conscious perception.

Subliminal messages influence our attitudes because they are transmitted to us in a way that our conscious mind can't perceive or criticize them. They sink down straight to our subconscious. They are vastly used for propaganda purposes, such as in television, radio, newspapers and magazine commercials.

Symbols of important meanings are disguisedly put in non-suspect places in order that we do not recognize their presence. However, our subconscious mind captures their meanings and associates them to what we see in the commercial.

The subconscious mind can detect a message shown during the length of even 13 miliseconds, understand a sentence said or written back to front, or see a drawing against a confused background.

That's how it is possible to make consumers feel attracted to a product: by including words like sex, love and other words with strong appeal disguisedly in the images of the product. There have been reports of supermarkets possessing the means to insert words in the lyrics of songs played in the store environment to influence clients. A subliminal message can be transmitted in the form of sounds or written words. Presented in ultra high speed it is not perceived by the conscious mind, but can be perceived by the subconscious mind.

Obviously advertisers can not convince us saying: "smoke cigarettes of this brand and see how you'll get rich". Our intelligence would not accept it. But after associating the brand of cigarettes with symbols of wealth in the irrational level of our minds, the seduction will be planted and we'll not be able to reject it.

In some countries the use of subliminal messages in commercials is prohibited because marketing firms were abusing this technique.

But what can we learn from all this?

Using the messages to our benefit

As subliminal messages can be used to change our attitudes without our consent, we can also willingly use them to change our attitudes in the direction we want.

The purpose of SilentIdeas is that. It lets you create lists of subliminal messages to be flashed on your computer screen while you are working at it. The messages will blink quickly on the screen. You won't be able to see or read them with your conscious mind, but your subconscious mind will continuously be exposed to them. You will be able to create messages containing mental suggestions you would like to see your mind following on an everyday basis.

If marketers found out how to influence our minds in the short time we are exposed to their messages, imagine what we could accomplish by voluntarily exposing our minds to messages that we create to influence ourselves in the direction of our own real interests.

For example, if you want to keep a self-confident attitude towards life, you can create messages such as "I CAN", "I'M THE BEST", "I'M HAPPY" and so on. If there is anything you wish to memorize, you can create phrases that will help you to remember it. You can also use images in your messages. We all know the stronger power of images to carry meanings when compared to the power of words.

SilentIdeas allows you to use images to establish associations to meanings. For example, if you want to achieve a goal, you can create an image side by side with something that symbolizes the desired goal. Using SilentIdeas to show images that continuously flash through the computer screen, you will be influenced to make the association between the image and the goal you want to achieve. Thus you would tend to see the achievement of your goal as a natural thing, and so you could win over eventual internal blockages and fears of struggling to accomplish your goal.

We have made some experiments using SilentIdeas to submit a group of individuals to messages conveying information about events that actually would never happen but that the individuals thought they would. After being exposed to the messages for just two days, these individuals were asked to fill a multi options questionnaire about the events. 70% of the responses coincided with the messages the individuals were exposed to.

If you are a student of any subject you can create a list of phrases with information you wish to memorize and use SilentIdeas to show them in your computer screen while you work, play games or study. Foreign language students can benefit in a special way by using SilentIdeas to memorize words.

If you work, study, teach or just want to practice self-help, you will find SilentIdeas a handy and very useful tool. You can use SilentIdeas to rip productivity gains in a variety of activities.

The latest version of SilentIdeas will take you to the next level when it comes to tapping the power of subliminal messages coupled with the power of self-hypnosis. You'll be able to save sound messages in a file and organize them in a list and determine the number of repeats, the order in which the messages should appear and the pauses between them.

This way you can play these sound messages while you perform a self-hypnoses session, letting yourself be guided by the suggestions contained in the messages.

In self-hypnosis sessions you always follow a sequence of autosuggestions you send to your mind. With these suggestions saved in a file you need only to relax and listen to them as though you were listening to the suggestions of a hypnotizer.


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Indumathi .H


This program should not be used by persons with epilepsy problems. We also strongly recommend that you do not use SilentIdeas to influence other people. Besides being unethical, you could unwittingly expose a person with epilepsy problems to repeated flashes, causing the person to have convulsions or other similar disturbs.


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More on Subliminal Messages

A subliminal message sets off a reaction to stimuli that are within our physiological power of perception, but bellow our power of being aware of this perception.

For example: if you ever thought you heard the phone ringing while you were using a liquidizer and then turn the liquidizer off to check the phone and found out that it was really ringing, then you have experimented the effect of subliminal message. The liquidizer sound suppressed the sound of the phone ringing, bringing it down to a level below your conscious perception power, but the ringing phone still prompted you to take action.

There are many forms of creating subliminal messages, including printed words and images, films and recorded sounds. As a matter of fact, a subliminal message can be created based on any of our sensorial reception resources.

But beyond sensorial perception, there are ways to pass hidden meanings through subliminal messages in everyday communication. Most people learn, already in adolescence or at some other time of life, tricks of seduction as the well known when someone removes a small bristle from our clothing while talking with us. Through a simple gesture, the person is passing on the subliminal message that he cares so deeply about us that an insignificant detail defacing our image is enough to move him to take care of us.

Why and how to reprogram your mind with Subliminal Messages?

It is not only our conscious thinking, but also our profound thoughts within our subconscious mind that hold the key to our living.

Many people still believe that their lives are commanded by external factors like birth, environment, education, family, economy or good or bad luck. However, it's not these external circumstances that give the last word on whether we will be happy and successful on one hand, or frustrated and unhappy on the other hand.

In fact, beliefs, thoughts, attitudes and behaviours that are deep-rooted in our minds, as well as our conscious thoughts, make our life what it is today.

Consider that the only thing to prevent us from achieving our goals can be within ourselves. Our lives are, to a great extent, the result of our thoughts. The way we think lead us to the life we have. We are a product of our own thoughts.

Subliminal programming is a method that relies on subliminal messages to remove thoughts, attitudes, habits and negative behavior, by sending positive suggestions straight to our subconscious mind. These suggestions lead to changes in our conscious behavior redirecting us do the achievement of our real potential.

Subliminal programming empower us to access our subconscious mind to change years of negative programming instilled by TV, radio, newspapers, friends, work environment and family. After years of accumulating this negative burden, it becomes part of our minds, leading to the uncertainties and fears that form habits capable of controlling the rest of our lives and preventing us from achieving our full potential.

We are all creatures moved by habits. Habits stick in profound places. There are physical habits, internal habits and thinking habits. They are kept in the subconscious parts of our minds.

Decisions we make using our conscious mind may no doubt be attractive, but they don't seat deep enough in our subconscious. Not deep enough to produce real changes or long lasting changes. We all know people who promise themselves to make fantastic changes in their lives, but soon are back to their old patterns of behavior.

Perhaps you are one of those persons. Many of us are. Here's an example of a physical habit: if you have been a hard smoking person for years, your mind is programmed as that of a smoking person. All the horror stories about lung diseases or how soon you'll die may convince you that you should stop smoking, but it won't be easy for you to do so. And it will remain difficult to stop smoking while your mind is programmed as that of a smoking person. If you don't change the subconscious programming it will be impossible to stop smoking.

The same is true not only for physical habits like smoking, drugs and alcohol, but for internal habits like procrastination and poor time management. And there are the thought habits, the worst of the crowd, because they are too subtle. You might even not know that you have a bad thought habit. For example: if you were raised in poverty, you have the habits of thinking like a poor person. Even if you made millions in the lottery or inherited millions, you would still think like a poor person, blocking your happiness and eventually going back to poverty. There are thinking habits that put you down, causing you not to believe in your abilities and leading you to think you are always overweight or in bad shape, that you are not attractive or not intelligent, that you will never find love or have a satisfactory relationship - all these thinking habits can keep you stagnant for the rest of your life.

With SilentIdeas you can work on a subliminal reprogramming of your subconscious mind and fight your deep seated undesirable habits.

By continually exposing yourself to messages with suggestions towards the desired changes, you will gradually notice how every progress you make in changing will become easier with time and long lasting. You can achieve all this without interrupting whatever you are doing in your computer. It won't take your time or your attention and will still be helping you to continually improve yourself.

Download SilentIdeas now and see how this tool can start changing your life today.

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