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Subliminal messages

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Typical and best known image with subliminal message

image with subliminal message in flowers

Subliminal perception is often induced by communication professionals who send messages through which you receive and respond to information and instructions without being aware of it. Messages in the form of printed words, images and voices presented very quickly or in disguise jump your conscious level of perception and reach your subconscious. Anything consciously perceived can be evaluated, criticized, discussed and possibly rejected. Anything subliminally presented to your subconscious is not resisted. This subliminal information is stored in your brain and is able to influence your judgments,

The use of subliminal communication techniques in the print media has been occurring in the United States at least since the period of the First World War. For example, the front page of The Saturday Evening Post during 1917 incorporated the word "sex" embedded. If readers perceived a word or image foreign to the context embedded in the page, they would dismiss it as a joke, an accidental mistake, an accident or a product of their imaginations.

Several commercial experiments with subliminal messages were conducted around the 1950s. On June 22, 1956, the BBC experimented with subliminal image projection on TV. Images were flashed on the screen at a speed that prevented them from being consciously perceived, but even so they left marks on the viewers' subconscious mind. The BBC experiment was followed by experiments by the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation, Mexico's Televisa commercial TV and radio network, US TV station WTWO and many others.

The experiences were not limited to television. In 1958, the WAAF radio station in Chicago released "subaudible" commercials. Seattle's KOL released messages that were difficult to hear under the music played by its disc jockeys. "How about a cup of coffee?" it was one, and "Someone's at the door" was another. On December 8, 1972, the New York Times reported that In-Flight Motion Pictures would start selling commercials embedded in the films that they would distribute to all major airlines. Supermarkets across the country are reducing theft at a rate of 30 to 50 percent by issuing subliminal messages such as "I will not steal" and "We are watching you". Stimutech, of East Lansing, Michigan, even sold a computer video system that flashed subliminal messages on TV while viewers watched normal programming. Subliminal messages were prepared by teams of psychologists who used Freudian ideas to modify the viewer's thought and behavior patterns. from East Lansing, Michigan even sold a computer video system that flashed subliminal messages on TV while viewers watched normal programming. Subliminal messages were prepared by teams of psychologists who used Freudian ideas to modify the viewer's thought and behavior patterns. from East Lansing, Michigan even sold a computer video system that flashed subliminal messages on TV while viewers watched normal programming. Subliminal messages were prepared by teams of psychologists who used Freudian ideas to modify the viewer's thought and behavior patterns.

The best-known experiment with subliminal messages was conducted by marketing researcher and psychologist James Vicary in 1957 during the presentation of the film Picnic. Every 5 seconds the expressions "Hungry? Eat popcorn. Drink Coke." were projected for 0.003 seconds. That was extremely fast. What you see in the image below, for example, flashes for 0.04 seconds. Sales of popcorn and Coca in that cinema increased 57.8 percent and 18.1 percent respectively.

image with subliminal sex message flashing

Numerous surveys after this experiment confirmed without a shadow of a doubt that subliminal messages work. When the advertising industry and government agencies understood the potential of subliminal messages, they began to invest millions in the development and refinement of subliminal techniques, which can be used not only for marketing, but also for ideological preaching and mind control.

But how does something that we don't notice its presence affect our behavior? Well, not noticed doesn't mean not seen. Let us first understand how our perception works. As you know, our mind consists of two parts that interact with each other: the conscious and the subconscious. The subconscious operates below the level of conscious perception, it controls reflexes, automatic functions and handles the process of storing information received. The subconscious is able to process 20,000 bits of information simultaneously, while the conscious is able to handle much less information at the same time.

Instead of the simplistic five senses of Aristotle, there are at least thirty-seven known and differentiated inputs into the brain. All the information detected by these channels is sent to the brain and absorbed, however, only the very concrete and relevant data are passed on to the conscious mind after they have been processed and reduced. Everything else remains ignored. A good example of this is the "party cocktail effect": you can chat with a friend at a party full of people and still hear and understand what he says in the noisy environment. You can simultaneously ignore what other people nearby are saying, but if someone across the room suddenly mentions your name, you will notice that sound and respond to it immediately.

From this experience, we can learn that our brain records everything that happens around us. Interestingly, certain words like SEX, BLOOD, DEATH and others have the same effect on triggering our attention as the name. Thus, only the information considered to be relevant goes to the conscious. Unimportant information, short or vague stimuli are stored in the subconscious without ever being consciously perceived. It is important to note that they are not discarded, but stored. EVERYTHING that you have experienced in your life, from every strange face you have seen in a crowd to every spider web you rooted through in childhood, can be recovered from your memory by hypnosis or by electrical stimulation of brain cells in the temporal lobes. So, everything that has been subliminally put in your brain will be there forever and in certain circumstances will determine a reaction in you. This is not to say that subliminal messages determine your reactions inexorably. The accepted view is that subliminal messages reinforce, intensify and accelerate reactions in people who are already predisposed to react to the content of the messages. But I think that no one can be sure of that.

The most common subliminal message is SEX. See each letter in the center of each image below.

images with subliminal messages in ads

Click on the images to highlight if you are unable to see the embedded subliminal messages.

High E09 clone (click to see an animated image).

image with subliminal message in the smoke

New X-men number 118.

image with subliminal message in the hair

House snapshot

image with subliminal message on the wall

Harry Potter

image with subliminal message in frame

Subtle demonization of Donald Trump by Time magazine.

image with subliminal message demonizing Donald Trump

Since almost everyone has a strong affinity for sex, a subliminal sexual message will be the most effective. Embedded in a certain product, it is assumed that it will trigger viewers' attention, their emotions and increase their affinity for the product. Unfortunately, as you will see for yourself, this principle has been heavily misused, abused and misapplied. Exaggerated and pornographic sexuality can easily be found in advertisements, family films, cartoons and children's products.

The famous presence of SEX in the Farrah Fawcett poster in her hair:

image with subliminal message in the hair

This poster was one of the most famous urban legends of the 70s. It has always been strange why this particular image has become so popular (over 12 million copies have been sold). After all, there were many other posters of naked, attractive women for sale.

The word SEX in the printed media is usually embedded in hair, folds of clothing, facial lines or rustic surfaces. Often a tangle is added to disguise the message, as in House's snapshot, or the word can be presented as ssex or sexx, etc.

Patterns that resemble letters can occur naturally in these media. An artist can look for these patterns and start there. For example, in the next commercial, the letter "X" is already formed by the seams of the boy's shirt. Then, the shadow of your hand was modified a little to look like an "E" and the letter "S" was supposed to appear as a ripple of water in the space under your arm.

image with subliminal message on clothes

In the next image, the word SEX is disguised in the crown.

image with subliminal message on the crown

In the eighth minute of this film, a camera moves slowly and focuses on a wall for ten seconds. Very clearly the word SEX appears engraved on the stone. The close family picture serves as a camouflage for another word SEX. This is just one of many occurrences throughout the film. Ironically, the film is about an elite that uses mind-control means to manipulate people according to their interests.

imagem com mensagem subliminar no vídeo

Inhabited Island 2. See the video excerpt here.

Another interesting technique is the addition of shapeless images of the type you see when you look at the surface of a rippling liquid or clouds in the sky. These distorted images, often even grotesque, serve as a cover for the real image that is hidden in the background (foliage, flowers, landscapes, reflections in bottles, ice cubes, etc.). Although this is not consciously obvious, it may very well become obvious to our subconscious and be etched into it. A surprisingly high number of subliminal symbolism of death symbols is also used - skulls hidden in ice cubes, clouds, etc., the word DEATH often hidden in backgrounds. During the evolutionary development of humans, subliminal perception was certainly involved with survival and adaptation. Creative innovators such as artists, poets, writers and composers have used man's subliminal potential for many centuries. In at least one Rembrant painting, for example, a hidden SEX appears (pronounced as seks in Dutch). Monet's paintings also have many such occurrences.

Lion King images

image with subliminal message in Lion King

image with subliminal message in Lion King